Ai Video Creator Fx Review

Ai Video Creator Fx Review Best 2024 OTO Bundle And Bonuses

In this Blog Post Ai Video Creator Fx Review 2024 OTO Bundle And Bonuses, Making videos has been made extremely easy with Ai Video Creator Fx. This app allows you to create AI-generated video scripts through Text prompts, AI images, Human-like AI Voiceovers, drag-and-drop scripts, and much much more.

Now you do not need any video editor or fancy tools. With this app, you can create mind-blowing videos with just a few clicks.

Overview of the Ai Video Creator Fx

Ai Video Creator Fx
CreatorAtul Pareek
LaunchJune 28, 2024
Softwarecloud-based and web-accessible from any device.

What is AI Video Creator Fx?

Let’s start by reviewing the main functions of the AI Video Creator Fx software. With the use of cutting-edge AI technology, this cloud-based platform can assist you in producing videos of high quality in a matter of minutes.

You just need to type in a text prompt with AI Video Creator Fx, explaining the kind of video you want to make. The AI will then produce all the necessary elements for an interesting film, including an animated graphic, a human-sounding voice-over, photos and visuals, and a whole screenplay.

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With the drag-and-drop editor, the movie timeline can be further customized. You can include stock material, edit clips, add your own media, and more. The end product is a video that was created in a fraction of the time and seems like it took hours to make.

The square, vertical, and landscape video output formats supported by AI Video Creator Fx are perfect for a variety of platforms. You may create videos for social media ads, a website, presentations, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

There are no ongoing payments for the basic AI Video Creator Fx program, which is sold for a one-time purchase. With the business license that comes with it, you can make films for customers and charge for your services.

Ai Video Creator Fx Features

  • AI Video Editing: Complex video editing tasks are now done with AI really fast.
  • User Friendly Interface: The interface of this app is very easy which is a huge plus point for beginners.
  • Collection of Premium Templates: This app gives you a huge collection of the most premium Templates available.
  • Convert Text into Speech: This app allows you to easily convert any text into speech with just a click and that too in any Language you like!
  • Stock of Images, Music, and Videos: This app has a huge collection with over 3 Million free images, GIFs, music, and videos that you can incorporate into your project.
  • Support All Formats of Videos: Ai Video Creator Fx lets you make videos in a variety of formats such as stories, ads, posts, and even reels.
  • AI Animation Tool: Ai Video Creator Fx has an amazing AI animation tool that lets you animate not only images but shapes and videos.
  • Writing Styles: This app has a huge variety of font styles with over 500+ writing styles to help you make your desired output.
  • Al Language creation: Ai Video Creator Fx allows you to create videos in any language across the globe so that you can reach a huge audience.
  • Masking Images and Videos
  • 30+ Text Blocks: These text blocks help you in creation of unique content that stands out from the rest.
  • Drag and Drop Editor has 100+ editing options.

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Benefits of AI Video Creator FX

After viewing the platform’s characteristics, let’s look at some of the main advantages that AI Video Creator Fx provides:

  • Makes Making Videos Easy for Marketers
  • Allows for the Creation of Different Video Formats
  • Uses AI to Create Automated Video Scripts
  • Expedites the editing procedure
  • offers more than 100 ready-made templates.
  • Royalty-Free Stock Assets are available
  • Eliminates Technical Barriers

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Using AI Video Creator FX: A Guide

Even for total novices, using AI Video Creator Fx is incredibly easy and intuitive. The essential steps to get started are as follows:

  1. Create an Account:

To create a new account, go to the AI Video Creator FX page and input your email address. Login information will subsequently be sent to you via email.

  1. Sign in and Select a Plan:

Press “Login” and provide your login credentials to gain entry to the user-friendly dashboard. To have complete access, choose the lifetime plan.

  1. Make a Fresh Video Project:

Click the “New Video” button from the menu bar. To begin, select a template or type a prompt.

  1. Incorporate Media Resources:

Browse or add text, audio, video, and image files from the media library to specific timelines.

  1. Put Information in Order on a Timeline:

To arrange the objects in your shot sequence, drag and drop them onto different tracks, then edit or cut them.

  1. Put some background music on:

To improve the atmosphere, choose a high-quality background score from more than 100 possibilities.

  1. Note and Explain:

Include callouts, notes, and text subtitles in addition to an AI narration that sounds human.

  1. Make Use of Editing Tools:

Using a variety of editing tools, apply filters, animations, transitions, shorten the duration of the video, change the volume, and more.

  1. Publish & Share:

 With just one click, you can add personalized titles and descriptions to your videos and share them on social media, YouTube, and other platforms, either publicly or privately.

  1. Get to Saved Projects:

From your dashboard, you can view analytics, save WIPS, and edit films that already exist on any device at any time.

Pros and Cons of Using Ai Video Creator Fx:


  • Drag and drop interface that is easy to use Automation Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Completely Cloud-Based and Installation-Free
  • Large Collection of Stock Video Content
  • Make Videos in Different Formats
  • Simple Video Editing Interface with More Than 100 Pre-Made Templates
  • Includes a commercial license
  • Quickest Rate of Video Production
  • No Limits on Storage Ability Committed Assistance and Educational Materials
  • Suitable for All Browsers and Devices
  • Months of Improvements & Updates to the Software


Even though AI Video Creator Fx is quite strong and helpful, there are a few small drawbacks to take into account:

  • An internet connection is necessary.
  • The upsell technique increases total investment.
  • But these drawbacks become less significant when you take into account its exceptional usefulness and inexpensive initial cost.
  • Also, the platform eliminates all associated risks with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For Whom is the app intended for?

Given the strong features that can be unlocked, the AI Video Creator Fx  are advised for:

  • Agencies looking to provide their clients with done-for-you video services
  • Independent contractors who must create a large number of movies each month
  • Marketers hoping to increase social media and YouTube traffic
  • Content producers who must adapt already-existing unprocessed video
  • Founders of SaaS who wish to start a successful software company
  • Entrepreneurs that primr5 \ earily want to generate passive income
  • Small companies in need of endless videos for advertisements and promotions
  • YouTube influencers looking to expand their fan base
  • Affiliates who require a large number of videos for various offers
  • Online trainers who produce training and promotional films

Why should you buy Ai Video Creator Fx?

1. Effectiveness and Time Savings

2. Economical Resolution

3. No Prior Experience Needed

4. Flexibility and Tailoring

5. Increased Interaction and Sales; 6. Adaptability across Multiple Platforms

7. Business Permit

8. Make Your Content Strategy Future-Proof

9. Prospects for Monetization

10. Updates and Customer Support

11.AI Video Creator Guarantee and Fx Refund Policy

(All front-end and OTO product purchases are covered by a 30-day refund policy.)

AI Video Creator Fx OTOs Details

Here’s a brief overview of what each AI Video Creator Fx OTO includes before delving more into each upgrade:

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OTO 1 – Unlimited Version:

The Unlimited upgrade eliminates every storage, workspace, video, and other restriction. Additional templates, fonts, quicker rendering, and the capacity to produce original animated images are also made available to you.

You can only use one workspace and make a certain number of films each month with the basic software. Workspaces and rendered videos no longer have any caps thanks to the Unlimited version. This adaptability enables your company to grow.

More than 200 Additional Pro Templates:

 There are about 100 templates in the base package. You can obtain more than 200 extra high-quality templates with Unlimited for a variety of video genres. Variety leads to speedier production of videos.

High-quality fonts and branding elements

For your company, the OTO1 also unlocks 10 unique brand identities and premium fonts. Use fonts and other materials to simply personalize videos.

Improved Rendering Speed and Infinite Storage

With Unlimited, you may generate videos more quickly and without delays. Your video and media files are all kept indefinitely on the cloud.

Make Anything Animate

OTO1 is the only program that has the extraordinary capability of animating any element on the canvas. Simply drag and drop objects between keyframes to create unique motion graphics and animations.

No Requirement for a Database

Unlimited implies not depending on any outside databases. Videos render more quickly since all information and tools are self-contained.

OTO 2 – Traffic Version

A 1-click feature to create YouTube Shorts from videos is added in the Traffic edition. Boost visibility, monetize YouTube, and submit content automatically.

The Traffic edition, which is the second OTO, has the following features to increase YouTube viewership:

YouTube Shorts Conversion

With just one click, turn any ordinary video into a YouTube Short. Videos are easier to find because shorts have millions of views every day.

Posting Automatically

Not only convert but upon publishing, instantly upload videos to YouTube. greatly save time and work.

Increased Visibility and Traffic

Higher ranks in YouTube searches are the result of automation and shorts. More free organic visibility and traffic to videos are the outcome.

YouTube Advertising

Use ad revenue sharing to monetize videos on YouTube. Up to $10,000 is paid by YouTube Shorts for every million views. Higher incomes are correlated with more traffic.

Instant Sharing:

Because the Traffic Version loads more quickly, sharing movies on social media and other platforms is also made simple.

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OTO 3 – Club Version:

Using the Club upgrade, you can upload and combine pre-existing footage to make an infinite number of videos. include a waveform generator, more templates, video scaling, and commercial rights.

The Club update, OTO3, includes the following tools for reusing already-existing videos:

Endless Production of Videos

Upload previously shot or existing videos to make an infinite number of new videos. Reuse and mash-up stuff.

100+ More Specialty Templates

The club comes with more than 100 other designs geared at various markets, like affiliate marketing, e-commerce, real estate, and more.

Generator of Audio Waveforms

Watch sound waves in the video editor. synchronize graphics and animations precisely with audio/music peaks.

Clipper Drag

You may quickly make reels, snippets, and shorts out of pre-existing videos by using the drag clipper tool.

Resize and Convert Videos

Convert and resize videos fast for any platform, including podcasts, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Commercial License

Use the films and software for clients on a commercial basis. Set a fee for your services in creating videos.

OTO 4 – Agency Version

You can manage workspaces and teams, offer creator accounts to clients, and white-label AI Video Creator Fx with the Agency upgrade.

The Agency upgrade, or OTO4, has the following tools to manage a video agency:

White Label and Branding Elimination:

Remove the AI Video Creator Fx logo and branding from the videos and software interface. To white label it, replace it with your own logo.

Dashboard for Client Management:

You can quickly create and manage accounts for each of your clients with the help of the specialized dashboard. Change, omit, or add as necessary.

Sell accounts to customers:

You can resell clients’ access to the AI Video Creator Fx accounts you set up through the Agency. Start your own business offering done-for-you video services.

Spaces for Teams and Clients:

Assemble clients and team members into designated areas with restricted access. simplifies administration.

Done-For-You Enterprise:

The Organization Everything you need to launch a complete online video agency is available from OTO. Training, team workspaces, client management, and other things.

OTO 5 – Reseller Version

You can resell an infinite number of AI Video Creator Fx licenses and keep all proceeds when you use the Reseller OTO. no extra expenses.

Let’s now take a closer look at the attributes and advantages of each OTO.

The Reseller version of the final OTO5 is used to sell licenses for AI Video Creator Fx:

Supply Infinite Licenses

You are able to sell license copies of AI Video Creator Fx indefinitely to anybody. Retain all earnings; do not split revenue.

No Upfront Fees

Not a penny is spent on hosting, support, or anything else. Behind the scenes, everything is managed by the developers. only financial gain.

Start a Software as a Service (SAAS) Company

You can start your own video SaaS business and offer AI video creation tools by using the Reseller OTO.

High Opportunities for Demand and Income:

The demand for video services is incredibly great. This revenue stream is profitable due to its high-profit margins and low overhead.

Robotics and Indirect Revenue:

It’s an automated, detached enterprise. Customers use the cloud-based applications directly, saving you additional work.

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AI Video Creator Fx OTO Pricing

  • OTO 1: Unlimited Price: $77
  • OTO 2: Traffic Price: $47
  • OTO 3: Club Price: $67
  • OTO 4: Agency $67 (25 clients) / $97 (unlimited clients)
  • OTO 5: Reseller $67 (25 clients) / $97 (unlimited clients)

Ai Video Creator Fx Oto, Coupons and Bundles:

Following are the Oto, Bundles, and Coupons for Ai Video Creator Fx

Bundle 1:

Best Deal ( Ai Video Creator Fx + All Upgrades + All Bonuses)

Price: $267

Coupon Code: AIVIDEO (for $50 off)

Bundle 2:

Mega Bundle (Ai Video Creator Fx with 14 exclusive features additionally)

Price: $127

Coupon: None

Bundle 3:

Commercial License ( Ai Video Creator Fx Commercial)

Price: $37

Coupon: EARLY5 (for 5% off)

Bundle 4:

Super Saving Fast Pass ( All updates + bonuses + 60% discount for OTOs only)

Price: $230

Coupon: None

Bundle 5:

Unlimited Commercial Ai Creator Fx (200 plus templates + no limitations)

Price: $77

Coupon: None

Ai Video Creator Fx Bundle: —-Click Here—-

Ai Video Creator Fx Commercial: —-Click Here—-

Bundle 6:

Traffic Generator Ai Creator Fx

Price: $47

Coupon: None

Bundle 7:

Unlimited Video Creation Membership Club

Price: $67

Coupon: None

Bundle 8:

Agency License Ai Creator Fx (white label agency)

Price: $67 for 25 clients

          $97 for unlimited clients

Coupon: None

Bundle 9:

Reseller Ai Video Creator Fx ( sell the license and keep all the profit)

Price: $67 for 25 clients

          $97 for unlimited clients

Coupon: None

AI Video Creator Fx OTO Update Benefits

Beyond the already fantastic core software, the OTO enhancements undoubtedly unlock quite valuable possibilities. In a nutshell, the following are the main advantages of purchasing one or more of the upsells:

  • Eliminate storage, account, video, and capability restrictions.
  • Save time by using templates, automation, and quicker rendering.
  • Use YouTube to boost visitors and conversions.
  • Gain extra revenue by using commercial rights and YouTube monetization.
  • Repurpose material by merging and re-editing already existing videos.
  • White-label the program to establish your reputation.
  • Use unified workspaces and dashboards to manage your clientele.
  • Promote your services by providing done-for-you video production.
  • Start a company with no assistance or overhead expenses.
  • passive income from a software company that runs automatically
  • As you can see, the OTOs further enhance the already revolutionary core.

Ai Video Creator Fx Bundle: —-Click Here—-

Ai Video Creator Fx Commercial: —-Click Here—-

Ai Video Creator Fx Bonuses

Here are some of the high-value extras you get for free with your purchase as if the main capabilities of AI Video Creator Fx weren’t enough on their own:

First bonus: live video instruction valued at $1000

Bonus 2: A $497-worth video course on launching an online business

Bonus 3: A $399 value video course on managing a video agency

Bonus 4: A $297 value video course on revenue-boosting strategies.

FAQs of Ai Video Creator Fx

What is Ai Video Creator Fx, first off?

A: Using text prompts, users may create video scripts, pictures, and voiceovers with Ai Video Creator Fx, a comprehensive AI-powered video creation tool. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor for smooth video customizing and editing.

Q2: What does the Ai Video Creator Fx Bundle include?

A: The bundle contains all of Ai Video Creator Fx’s premium upgrades in addition to the platform’s core: Fast Action Bonuses of $2497 are included with Ai Video Creator Fx Unlimited, Ai Video Creator Fx Traffic, Ai Video Creator Fx Club, Ai Video Creator Fx Agency, and Ai Video Creator Fx Reseller.

Q3: What is the price of the Ai Video Creator Fx Bundle?

A: Compared to buying each component separately, the bundle offers an 80% discount and is available at a one-time discounted price. To receive an extra $50 off, use the discount code “AiVideo.”

Q4: Is there a cost every month?

A: No, there aren’t any ongoing costs. Access to the bundle is granted for life with a single payment.

Q5: With Ai Video Creator Fx, what kinds of videos am I able to make?

A variety of video formats are available for creation, such as reels, shorts, YouTube videos, social network material, and promotional videos. The application works with several formats that are appropriate for various media, including podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Q6: What is the benefit of upgrading to Ai Video Creator Fx Unlimited?

A: You can make and edit as many videos as you’d like with the Unlimited upgrade, which eliminates any usage restrictions. It improves your capacity to quickly get more engagement, subscribers, and followers.

Q7: What is the operation of Ai Video Creator Fx Traffic?

A: With just one click, you can now use this upgrade to turn your videos into material suitable for YouTube, which will help you take advantage of the platform’s enormous potential for organic traffic.

Q8: Is it possible to utilize Ai Video Creator Fx for business ventures?

A: The bundle does include commercial rights, so you may make films, sell them to clients, and retain all of the money.

Q9: What are the bonuses for fast action?

A: To improve your video creation and marketing efforts, the Fast Action Bonuses are extra premium resources and tools worth $2497 that are included in the bundle.

Q10: Is a money-back guarantee offered?

A: A money-back guarantee is in place for 30 days with Ai Video Creator Fx. In the event that technical difficulties arise that are unsolvable, you have 30 days to obtain a refund.


Ai Video Creator Fx is an amazing app if you are looking to take your video-creating game to the next level without any video editor. This app is not only beneficial for commercial use but everyone can take advantage of its amazing features. Its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly interface, and AI capabilities make it a great option for novice and expert film creators alike.

Anyone wishing to rapidly and effectively produce high-quality videos should consider investing in this product because of its exceptional value and one-time payment strategy, which also includes a commercial license.

Ai Video Creator Fx is absolutely something you should take into consideration if you’re sick of battling with difficult video editing software or shelling out a lot of money for freelancers. It has facilitated the making of videos in a way that has never been possible before.

Is Ai Video Creator Fx worth it? Yes! We recommend this app for its amazing features including premium stocks and templates with additional AI tools all in one app.

Try Ai Video Creator Fx Today to elevate your video production to new heights.

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