EVA by Synthesys Review 2024: The Best Future of Voice Assistants?

In this blog post, EVA by Synthesys Review: The Future of Voice Assistants?, AI technology has made creative labor more accessible. But not every AI-powered software has the functionality and dependability you want.

You may have experimented with AI technologies that convert text into graphics. With Synthesys’s recently released EVA tool, you can now immediately produce films from text and pictures. One of the most well-liked apps for designers like you is Canva, which easily interacts with EVA by Synthesys.

Consider creating expert layouts with video integration. You can quickly create visually appealing videos for websites like Facebook, YouTube, and presentations with Canva and EVA by Synthesys.

Are you prepared to easily turn your imaginative thoughts into breathtaking videos? Presenting Synthesys’ Epic Video AI EVA, a cutting-edge text and image-to-video engine driven by Synthesys Technology!

EVA by Synthesys Review

What is EVA by Synthesys?

The newest development in the field of content generation is called Epic Video AI, or EVA. It’s a real text-to-video and image-to-video powerhouse that will soon completely change the way we think about creating videos, not simply another video editing tool.

What then distinguishes EVA so much? Allow me to explain it to you.

To begin with, EVA allows you to make beautiful films with just text instructions or graphics. Yes, you read correctly. Your concept may be typed down, and EVA will convert it into a video. It’s similar to having a skilled staff of video producers at your disposal, only this team operates at the speed of artificial intelligence.

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This is where things really start to get intriguing though: EVA and Canva connect flawlessly.

 You already know how fantastic this is if you use Canva. Now you can unleash the creative potential of Canva’s user-friendly design tools with EVA’s video-generating magic to create an entirely new realm of possibilities.

I understand your thoughts at this point. “This sounds fantastic, but I imagine using it is difficult.” Well, reconsider! Even for those who are not tech-savvy, EVA is quite intuitive. No specialized equipment or technological expertise is required. Only your creativity and a few mouse clicks.

The capacity of EVA to produce video narratives is one of its best advantages. Up to 16 seconds of multi-scene storytelling are possible, making them ideal for social media postings.

And we’re not talking about poor quality films either—EVA creates excellent 1080p videos in a range of sizes to

But there’s still more! You may also add unique touches to your films using EVA that you never would have imagined. Do you want to change faces in your film? Not an issue. Do you need to change your subject’s pose? EVA has everything covered.

Your AI-generated videos can even have realistic lip-syncing added to them. It’s similar to having access to a Hollywood special effects crew.

Additionally, EVA includes AI-generated music as a freebie for all of you budding artists out there. What a one-stop shop for producing content!

The best part is that EVA is now giving a unique Founder’s Launch Offer, even though I realize this all seems too good to be true.

All of EVA’s capabilities are available to you indefinitely for a one-time payment.

Yes, there are neither usage caps nor monthly membership fees. Simply said, limitless inventiveness is at your disposal.

Therefore, EVA is going to be your new best buddy, regardless of whether you’re a marketer trying to make captivating video advertising, a social media influencer looking to step up your content game, or just someone who enjoys tinkering with fascinating stuff.

EVA is the name of the audiovisual production of the future. Are you prepared to let your fantasies come to life?

Overview of the App

VendorTodd Gross
Launch Date2024-Jul-01
Front-End Price$147
RefundYES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product typeAI Video Creation
SoftwareWeb App

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The features of EVA by Synthesys will wow you and help you with every stage of your creative process. Additionally, you can quickly accomplish your goals using Canva integration. Let’s explore the features that Synthesys’ EVA has to offer!

Use Text-to-Video to Create Magic:

Bring your imagination to life in a matter of seconds with Synthesys’ EVA. With Synthesys’ real text-to-video capabilities, you may produce videos of any kind or style.

Converting Images to Videos:

Convert any picture into an amazing motion picture. With Synthesys’ text-to-picture technology, you may upload an image or create one from scratch and see it come to life in a matter of seconds.

Easily Create Feature-Film Narratives:

Utilize the fluid multiscene “Create Story” engine provided by EVA by Synthesys to create engrossing cinematic films that hold viewers’ attention from start to finish.

Creation of Multiscene Videos:

Using text prompts, create four-scene cinematic tales. Ideal for narrative novels, advertisements, films, and more.

Text to AI Video:

Convert your concepts into gorgeous, professional-caliber videos with ease. With just written cues, EVA by Synthesys’s cutting-edge AI technology crafts breathtaking cinematic experiences.

Picture to AI Film:

Instantaneously animate still photos. The image-to-video engine of EVA by Synthesys gives images life and creates dynamic films with a touch of cinema.

From Text to AI Image:

With a few clicks, turn words into vibrant, high-quality pictures. With ease, Synthesys’ EVA turns your ideas into eye-catching graphics.

Customized Videos:

Upload a picture or photo to turn yourself into a character in your works. Enhancing customization, EVA by Synthesys incorporates your image into your cinematic environment.

Have Command:

Use reference photographs’ body postures and compositions to enhance the look of your video subjects. Complete control over posture and visual styles guarantees that your videos are true to your artistic vision.

FaceSwap Features:

All it takes to change the topic of your AI movies is to supply a picture. The widely used FaceSwap function from Synthesys allows you to quickly switch up the faces in your AI films.

LipSync Characters:

Use realistic voiceovers to give characters life. Accurate lip synchronization to audio is ensured by Synthesys EVA, which increases realism and viewer engagement.

Release the Power of Viral:

With EVA by Synthesys’s AI films, you can increase the reach of your content and make it viral on social media sites like Reels, Stories, and TikTok.

Integration with Canva:

Make AI films straight in Canva to unleash your creative potential.

Unlimited Production of AI Videos:

With only one purchase, take advantage of limitless AI movie creation. contains tools for creating AI music and images for complete content development.

How does it work?

Enter Your Image or Prompt Here:

You can submit an image or add a text prompt to lay the groundwork for your film.

Personalize Your Preferences:

To make sure your film satisfies your requirements precisely, change a few settings.

Create Your Video:

Observe how EVA turns your inputs into a polished video that is prepared for distribution.

Reasons to Give This App a Serious Look

With EVA by Synthesys, you can use straightforward prompts and graphics to transform any concept into beautiful films. Your thoughts will become stunning works of art that you may own rather than just remain in your mind.

AI has made it possible for you to enter a few keywords and the program will provide results that are visually appealing and of a higher caliber than anything you have ever seen. Additionally, you can make your own AI models using Synthesys EVA to improve your productions, add personality to your movies, and even do face-swapping—the possibilities are unlimited!

Consider the advantages of the content you produce using EVA by Synthesys, or the services you may provide. Creating your own channel or supplying material for others are two ways you might make additional money.

With EVA by Synthesys and Canvas seamless integration, your creative workflow will run more smoothly than ever. This facilitates the easy creation of professionally designed items while saving you time.

Not only are its features strong, but they’ve been enhanced with Canva integration.

With the help of eye-catching and original films and photos, you will be able to enhance your web presence and let your imagination run wild.

Try Synthesys’ EVA to see for yourself that trustworthy AI tools really exist and are prepared to revolutionize your creative process.

EVA By Synthesys’s Pricing Plans

Plan 1: EVA By Synthesys Bundle

With all the capabilities it offers, the $227 price tag for this combo is a wonderful value. You may browse a vast array of information and receive a substantial return on your investment with EVA by Synthesys.

This is your opportunity to take your artistic endeavors to the next level. Spots are limited and filling up quickly, so don’t delay. Today, reserve your spot in the content production industry of tomorrow!

Plan 2: EVA Utilizing Synthesys Mega Bundle

Additionally, the Mega Bundle costs $347 and comes with a coupon called “MEETEVA” that saves $100.

Since the first package includes everything you need to create content, I suggest starting with it. It has restricted usage, though, so for an improved experience with limitless usage, think about the Mega Bundle. Please take into account your present demands and budget.

The following lists the main distinctions between the two bundles:

Pros and Cons


  • Synthesys’ EVA provides tools for quickly turning text and pictures into movies.
  • It is made for ease of use and is appropriate for novices.
  • creates videos with striking images and a polished appearance.
  • enables face-swapping, AI model customization, and other features.
  • Combines seamlessly with Canva to increase creative possibilities.
  • produces movies quickly from prompts and photos, accelerating the development of new content.


  • Even though it’s user-friendly, it could take some time to become proficient with all the functions.

For whom is this software intended?

For all the designers currently battling thousands of useless AI apps, Synthesys has created EVA.

With the aid of this bundle, you may discover excellent methods that will enable you to elevate your material.

How does Eva compare to Its Competitors?

Video quality:

EVA regularly produces outputs that are on par with or better than those of other well-known systems.


There is no other feature set that includes face shifting, lip-syncing, multi-scene storytelling, and Canva integration.

Easy to use: Both experts and beginners may easily use EVA’s interface, which is more user-friendly than that of many of its rivals.


The one-time payment for limitless use provides outstanding value over the long haul.

Commercial rights:

A lot of rivals impose restrictions on commercial use or impose additional costs.

Is The Investment in EVA Worth It?

After a great deal of testing, I can state with confidence that anyone who is serious about creating video content should invest in Synthesys EVA.

It is a game-changer in the industry thanks to its innovative AI technology, user-friendly UI, and unbelievable price.

EVA has the ability to significantly cut costs and delays associated with video creation for companies, marketers, and content producers. It is very transformational to be able to quickly produce films of high quality with basic suggestions or visuals.

EVA unlocks a creative universe even for infrequent users. This application produces amazing results with little work, whether your goal is to improve your social media presence or realize your creative ideas.

The Future of AI-Generated Videos

Tools like EVA are expected to become more crucial in content production as AI technology develops at a breakneck rate. EVA enables artists of all abilities to realize their ideas by democratizing access to high-quality video creation.

Although it’s crucial to employ such formidable technology sensibly, EVA has a huge amount of potential for good. The uses are endless and may range from commercial materials to personal endeavors to instructional stuff.

Synthesys’ EVA marks a major advancement in AI-powered video production. Its unique blend of cutting-edge functionality, user-friendliness, and outstanding value sets it apart in a crowded market.

EVA is an investment that should pay off handsomely for anyone trying to step up their video content game in the years to come.

Don’t pass up this innovative tool’s founder’s launch pricing, as it has the power to revolutionize your creative process and provide new opportunities for producing video content.


I can state with confidence that EVA by Synthesys has changed the way I approach creating video content after a week of heavy use.

The capacity to produce excellent, personalized movies from straightforward text instructions or photos has greatly expedited my process and offered up new creative possibilities.

EVA is a priceless tool for marketers, content creators, and anybody else wishing to improve their visual storytelling because of its interaction with Canva, the adaptability of its features (such as lip sync and face swapping), and the general quality of its output.

Although there is certainly potential for development in several areas, such as rendering speed and prompt optimization, the advantages greatly exceed these drawbacks. With unlimited access and future updates included, the Founder’s Launch offer is a great deal for the money.

EVA by Synthesys feels like a window into the future of content creation at a time when video content is king. It’s a creative partner that helps bring ideas to life, not just a tool.

Regardless matter your level of experience creating videos, EVA can transform your content strategy and help you stay competitive in the ever-changing digital market.

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